‘Harriet Eyley really grasped the opportunities offered to her, and faced with a performance of such engaging charm and vivid vitality, had the gift of not just being able to sing the arias, but to make us believe in them, her gamine charm coming over and winning our hearts.’ – Planet Hugill 

Welcome to the home of British Soprano, Harriet Eyley, an exciting emerging young artist asserting herself on concert platforms and opera stages around Europe.

The Idle Woman – The Crown

‘Eyley tackled the complex, rippling notes and some demanding high notes with nonchalant ease. Fe’germolgliare il fato was easily the highlight of the evening: a showpiece of agility, punctuated by French horns and underlaid by a beautiful oboe obbligato. Eyley was brilliant, turning out some long, swelling notes and adding plenty of supple ornamentation in the da capo, before rounding everything off with a ringing high note’ 

The Idle Woman 28/05/2021


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